Travel Safely with your kids, follow these tips!

travel Safely Tips

It is known that the planning of a trip is not usually as pleasant as the trip itself. The tourist enjoyment has its behind the scenes. In many cases it is necessary to elaborate a detailed itinerary, get the best flights and transfers, the proper lodging, browse offers, hire a traveler assistance plan, prepare the luggage, and always keep in mind certain recommendations. Now, if you travel with small children, the journey can be a memorable experience for them full of adventures and enriching moments. Therefore, it is essential that your little ones feel as safe and comfortable as possible and that you, as a parent, have the peace of mind that everything will turn out well. For that to happen we give you some recommendations that will make everything perfect.

1) Carry all the necessary documentation

Of course if you travel outside the country, do not forget your passport. And your birth certificate is important; you will be asked whether it is a national or international trip. If the child travels alone or in the company of a single parent, you must have the required permits. Where that person is authorized If traveling with relatives or another person, both parents must authorize it with a notarized permission.

Also if you travel alone you must contact the airline, depending on the age you will be required to hire an escort service, which will be canceled, at the time of doing the check. This service has certain rules and restrictions.

2) Flights

Try to book your flights for bedtime. Flights at night can be more expensive, but compensate because you get your child to sleep during the journey and that is always appreciated. If you have to stop, make sure you have enough time between one plane and another, so you will not have to run and you will have the time necessary in case of any delay. Take advantage of that time for the child to play or a walk.

3) A little bag for the most necessary things

Keep the most important stuff near you! If you wear diapers and take a bottle, you will have to carry enough and more in a handbag, also includes wipes, antibacterial gel, some trinkets, something to eat and water. One or two complete change of clothes. Depending on the time of the trip. Plastic bags, pillow if you consider, some toy and depending on the age an electronic device.