Top places to visit in Asia

Asia Top Places To Visit

If you are looking for cultural contrast, intriguing history and the best destinations to go on your vacation, Asia is definitely the perfect option for you. Despite having destinations for all tastes, this is the top of places you must visit.


If you want to enjoy paradisaical beaches, forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, you should visit the north of Kerala in India. You can travel across coffee plantations and eat fish at the beach side in an area that it is recently making its way into the world of tourism. It is recommended to hire a driver to facilitate transportation and make a hotel reservation beforehand making sure that the language barrier does not take you by surprise upon arrival.


Moving towards the east, visiting the Land of the Rising Sun is a must. Japan is a world’s jewel for its architecture, gastronomy and socio-political relevance in the region; where an indescribable respect for their traditions and millenarian beliefs coexist with the latest in technology and modernity. You may have heard of Nara, Kyoto and Okinawa, but if you are looking for less crowded destinations you can visit Yokohama with its eclectic architecture and Kamakura’s giant Buddha, both coastal cities south of Tokyo. Make sure you have internet on your cell phone, do not leave tips and talk quietly in closed places.


Southeast Asia is not left behind at the top of places to visit in Asia. Immersed in a magical jungle on each of its islands, Raja Ampat in Indonesia is definitely the perfect destination for a getaway full of adventures. You can submerge yourself in one of the most diverse coral reefs in the world and swim in crystal clear waters to enjoy a unique ecotourism industry in the world. To enjoy the maximum of its biodiversity and have the best weather, it is recommended to visit Raja Ampat between the months of October and April.


Finally, we cannot talk about Asia without mentioning China. Being the most populated country in the world and one of the largest territories, it has a geographical and social diversity that makes it an unmissable destination. Beijing should be the starting point of the visit to China to enjoy The Forbidden City and The Great Wall, whose splendor justifies its popularity as a tourist destination. Then you can experience the historical value of Xi’an and its terracotta soldiers in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and live the current Chinese life from its bars and cafes. Shanghai, Macau and Hong Kong mix Western and European culture with the best Asian spirit. Finally, for those who accept the challenge of a quite restricted travel, Tibet is a life changing destination. Visit the monasteries where the monks in red robes meditate and believers pray turning prayer wheels surrounded by nature and history is an experience worth living. Individual travel opportunities are highly controlled but the most intrepid ones come back with the best stories.


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