Things you cannot miss if you’re going to Egypt

Things You Must See In Egypt

Egypt is a very ancient country with a millenarian, rich, awesome and very famous culture, many books, films, songs and more have been inspired in it and its legacy in this world, the art that come to us from Egypt is incredible, since the ancient and stunning pyramids till the more recent mosques, in fact, the art in all its forms has been definitively influenced by this country.


Egypt is a transcontinental country, being in Africa and Asia, it is a mediterranean country which is one of the world’s first nation, its age can be traced to ten millennium BC, Egyptian were innovators in many areas, scripture, architecture, arts, science and more.


What to visit in Egypt


This country is very famous for the things from pharaohs age, tombs, pyramids statues, mummies, all of that have come to us through art and communication media, but Egypt has much more to visit and definitively worth a visit to experience all the magic it can offer.


There is a list of top places you cannot miss:


  • Dashur, is a necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile River it use to have several pyramids, now only two of them remains.


  • El Mu’ayyad Mosque, it is a fine example of art and great architecture that you must see.


  • The Great Sphinx, this amazing monument is located in Giza Plateau and is one of the most representative symbols of Egyptian culture.


  • Valley of Kings, this  place is very famous, is the place of rest of many pharaohs and you will enjoy a great work of ancient artisans.


  • The Red Sea coast, it is well known by beautiful beach resorts and  coral reef.


  • Giza Plateau, in this place are located the biggest pyramids, the Sphinx and more, this is a magical place you cannot miss.


  • Temples of Karnak, Philae, Kom Omb, Horus, the temples dedicated to ancient Egyptian gods are places that will fill you with a atmosphere of magic, worth to be seen.


  • Alexandria, there are few remains of the original city of Alexandria, but you still can see some of the pieces of history.


  • Cairo, the capital city of Egypt is full of amazing architecture and history to see and enjoy.


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